The object with chemical weapons “Maradykovsky” in the Kirov region is officially closed

PIC. PEACE /Kirov region/, October 30. / Spec.interviewer TASS/. Russia will not step away from its international obligations on chemical weapons destruction. This was stated by the Plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the Volga Federal district, Chairman of the State Commission on chemical disarmament Mikhail Babich, speaking at the closing ceremony of the facility with chemical weapons “Maradykovsky” in the Kirov region.

“Today is a momentous day not only for Russian citizens, but also for all those who for many years participated, created the conditions for the destruction of chemical weapons has been completed, said Babich. – Today we can report to the world that in 2015 almost completed the destruction of chemical weapons on 6 of the 7 objects. It was a complex work of many thousands collective.”

“We have not deviated from the assumed international obligations”, – he stressed.

The presidential envoy expressed gratitude for the work of the Federal management on safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons at the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and the head of Department the General-Colonel Valery Kapashin.

“This is a huge contribution to the development of the country, its safe existence, – continued the Chairman of the state Commission. – Today we can report that this year the process of destruction of chemical weapons was completed at four sites”.

According to him, have to work more on the “been” (Udmurtia).

“Then I’ll work on elimination of consequences and the involvement of these complexes in the economy, said Babich.

“People can sleep peacefully, deadly cargo destroyed”, – he noted.

The facility with stockpiles of chemical weapons “Maradykovsky” in the town of Mirny in the Kirov region since 1953 on the area of 195 hectares were kept more than 40 thousand bombs and warheads of missiles filled with mixtures of toxic substances, which accounted for 17.4% of all Russian reserves. In September 2006 there began a large-scale disposal of chemical weapons. Over the years, in particular, destroyed substances such as sarin, soman, IPrice-luisita mixture. After the closure of the facility will undergo renovation and will be converted to production of civilian products.