Vice-Premier of Belarus said about the risk with accession to the WTO

Vice-Premier of Belarus said about the risk with accession to the WTO

The threat of Belarusian manufacturers is imported to Kazakhstan raw sugar until 2020 with a zero rate of customs duty, said Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusy.

MINSK, 30 Oct. Nina Gurin. Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi said there was a risk for farmers of the country in connection with Kazakhstan’s accession to the world trade organization (WTO).

“The accession of Russia and Kazakhstan in the WTO is, of course, risks for us,” said Brown, speaking on Friday in the Belarusian Parliament. He explained that, for example, a threat to the Belarusian producers is import to Kazakhstan of raw sugar until 2020 with a zero rate of customs duty. Meanwhile, according to him, the importation of raw sugar in Belarus is paid $ 250 per ton. “We can lose 240-250 thousand tons of export potential,” he said.

The speaker of the upper chamber of the Belarusian government Mikhail Myasnikovich explained that because of the profitability of the raw sugar imports to Kazakhstan may be the substitution of Belarusian products from sugar beet in the market of the EAEU. Myasnikovich noted that Kazakhstan may consume imported sugar in the country, and — to deliver to Russia, where traditionally work by Belarusian sugar refineries. The speaker advocated the adoption in the framework of the EEU administration of appropriate measures to minimize possible negative consequences for Belarusian manufacturers.

Vice Prime Minister noted that the government is working on minimizing the AIC for the negative consequences associated with the participation of EEC partners in the WTO. Including, in his words, Belarus will increase the export of agricultural products at competitive prices, most one to centralize the sale of meat and dairy products at the level of regional holding companies “with a gradual transition to Belarusian of the global operators.” In addition, it is planned to increase exports to third countries. Among the priority Deputy Prime Minister called the markets of the CIS countries, Asia and Africa.

Brown said that Minsk is negotiating the accession to the WTO, but “the main thing is not to enter, and on what terms”. “When we looked at the conditions (of entry — ed.) Kazakhstan — such conditions are unacceptable for his country. We are quite serious,” he said. According to Deputy Prime Minister, examined the experiences of its partners in the Eurasian economic Union, the goods are determined “at risk” and measures to protect national producers.

AAAS is an international integration economic Union created on the basis of the Customs Union and the common economic space and functioning since 1 January. Now members of the EEU are Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.