In the evening the ruble grew up on a rising price of oil, the Euro has reached 70 rubles

In the evening the ruble grew up on a rising price of oil, the Euro has reached 70 rubles

According to the data of the Moscow exchange, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” fell to 63,56 ruble, Euro – ruble to 70,06.

MOSCOW, 30 Oct. Dmitry Mayorov. The ruble against the dollar and the Euro on Friday evening has been increasing at a rising price of oil.

The decision of the CBR to keep key rate at 11% per annum has also supported the Russian currency.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” to 20.31 GMT decreased by 0.84 ruble — to 63,56 of the rouble, the Euro rate — on 0,62 ruble to 70,06 ruble, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The ruble is growing at the end of the week

Courses of the ruble against the dollar and the Euro during the session on Friday mostly rose. In the beginning of the day was marked uncertain lateral dynamics.

The main reference for the rouble remains the oil market. He showed no confidence against the background of weak macroeconomic data in the USA. Real growth in U.S. GDP in the third quarter of 2015, according to the first estimate, amounted to 1.5% in annual terms. These data were worse than forecasts of analysts, who had expected GDP growth of 1.6%. In the second quarter growth was 3.9%.

However, the decision of the CBR to keep key rate unchanged at 11% per annum provided support to the ruble. Maintaining an attractive yield of ruble-denominated instruments pushed at the moment dollar is down about 30 cents each.

However, oil remained the main reference point for the ruble. In the end, the evening when “black gold” has gone to growth and began to gain a foothold above $ 49.5 per barrel of Brent, the dollar was stuck about 63.5 ruble and Euro has reached the level of 70 rubles.

Support oil and the ruble have had these oil and gas service company Baker Hughes that the total number of drilling rigs in the U.S. end of the working week was reduced by 12 units, or 1.52%, and amounted to 775 units. In annual terms, this figure dropped to 1154, or 59,8%.

While the number of oil rigs decreased by 16 units, or 2,69%, to 578 units, the lowest since June 2010. The number of gas rigs increased by 4 points, or 2.07%, to 197 units.

In the end, the main reserve currency in the evening, losing by a few tens of cents each.

Forecasts and recommendations

The expectation of weak positive dynamics of oil prices in the short term and reduce pressure on the ruble after the fed decision to leave rates unchanged should lead to the stabilization of the current level of the dollar in the range of 64-65 rubles for the next week, said the head of the Department of financial management REU them. G. V. Plekhanov Constantine Orlov.

“In the short term, more likely a slight strengthening of the ruble against the background of decision to maintain the interest rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation”, — he added.

Although, the key rate has not been changed, the Central Bank said the possibility of resuming its decline on one of the next meetings, as the slowing of inflation, said Yuri Kravchenko from IK “Veles Capital”.

“As a result, by December, when there will be another meeting of the Central Bank, investors can increase their interest in rouble-denominated interest-bearing instruments and, consequently, to domestic currency, to be able to obtain still attractive returns to reduce rates,” he added.