Lavrov: on the fate of Assad in the Russian Federation and the USA there is no agreement

VIENNA, 30 October. Russia and the United States did not reach agreement on how to decide the fate of Syria’s President Bashar Assad, but in a joint statement following the meeting in Vienna confirmed that this issue should be solved by Syrians themselves. This was stated today by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov following the talks.

“As John said (Kerry), we have no consensus on how to decide on the fate of Bashar al-Assad, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – Russia is convinced that this issue should be resolved by Syrians within the context of the political process, and in our joint statement, it is confirmed”.

Why the meeting was held in Vienna

October 30, in Vienna in discussions on the settlement in Syria, was attended by 19 delegations: representatives of Russia, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Italy, Egypt, UK, Germany, Lebanon, Qatar, Iran, France, China, UAE, Jordan, Oman, and the head of the European foreign Minister of the EU Federica Mogherini and special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura.

The main topic was the new start of the process of political dialogue in Syria.

According to Lavrov, the meeting in Vienna was a need to establish agreement between the countries concerned in the conflict in Syria (external forces). Regarding the negotiations between the direct parties to the conflict, the participants of the meeting in Vienna look to the UN with a request to gather representatives of the government and the opposition to start the political process.

The Russian Minister stressed that this is one of the most important achievements in Vienna agreements. The UN, in particular, will form the delegation of the Syrian opposition. “We do not see a single delegation of the Syrian opposition,” said Lavrov.

Elections in Syria under UN control

Lavrov believes that the elections in Syria should be under the control of the UN with participation of all Syrian citizens. “We agreed that the elections in Syria should be carried out with the active involvement of and monitoring by the UN, and they should involve all Syrian citizens, including refugees in neighboring countries”, – said the Minister.

Terrorists should not seize power in Syria

Lavrov said that the bloodshed in Syria must stop, and we can’t let the terrorists seize power in this country.

“(U.S. Secretary of state) John Kerry talked a lot about what is happening in Syria, what suffering is forced to surrender to the Syrian people, how much blood was spilled, how many people were ripped from their homes, the Minister said. – Want to stop this situation and prevent the terrorists seized power in the country.”

The agreement on lists of terrorist groups

“The fight against terrorism today sounded in all the speeches, and we have reached very important agreements,” the Minister said..

Statements of other participants of the talks in Vienna

Kerry: U.S. and Russia can expand cooperation in the fight against IG

Kerry: disagreement on the fate of Assad, could not be overcome

De Mistura: terrorism in Syria can only be defeated with the political process

Mogherini: at the meeting on the Council common position for the continuing negotiations

The head of the German foreign Ministry in Vienna agreed on a document about steps to resolve crisis in Syria

Fabius: on some points in the negotiations on Syria are moving ahead

The foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia: launch of the political process in Syria will be created a special body

“We agreed – and this is reflected in the joint statement, firmly and consistently to combat ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state”) and other terrorist groups, which as such is recognized as the UN security Council, as well as to conduct further consultations to agree on a list and other organizations that are not yet included in the UN lists, but they are clearly a terrorist,” explained the Minister.

He also noted that terrorist organizations will not be subject to the ceasefire in Syria.

According to Lavrov, the specific terms and conditions of the ceasefire in Syria during the negotiations in the Austrian capital was not consistent.

“This has been discussed in General terms, he said. – It is recorded that we will continue these discussions together with our colleagues from the UN.”

“No one except one agreed that this will not affect terrorist groups and fight with these terrorist groups”, – said the Russian Minister.

Humanitarian access

Lavrov said the need for humanitarian access to those in need in Syria and increased aid for the refugees.

“We all agreed that we will cooperate in order to ensure the unity, independence, territorial integrity and the secular nature of the Syrian state, to save its state institutions, – said the Minister on the results of multilateral meetings on Syria in Vienna. – The rights of all Syrians, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation, should be protected and guaranteed”.

“Should be guaranteed humanitarian access to people in need, should be continued and increased assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons”, – said Lavrov.

“We will return”

Lavrov promised along with the negotiating partners to come back to Vienna to continue consultations on the Syrian settlement.

“We’ll be back,” he said, as he uttered this phrase in English and thanking the Austrian authorities for the hospitality.

A specific date for a new meeting on Syria will be agreed upon later, but it will be held no later than two weeks, concluded Lavrov.