Lavrov: Russia has invited US to coordinate the military action in Syria

Lavrov: Russia has invited US to coordinate the military action in Syria

VIENNA, 30 October. The US decision on the deployment in Syria of forces will not affect the position of Russia regarding joint efforts to fight terrorism. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov after talks on Syria in Vienna.

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“Our position has not changed, he said. – Our task is to find a common enemy and fight with him.”

According to the Minister, the U.S. decision to send special forces to Syria makes it even more urgent problem of cooperation between Russian and American military.

“I have expressed our assessment of the decision of President Obama to send unilaterally, without coordination with the Syrian leadership, ground troops, as announced, to fight against ISIS, he said. – I am convinced that neither the United States, like Russia, don’t want any slipping to the so-called “war by proxy”. But what this situation makes the task of cooperation between the military even more relevant to me obviously”.

Lavrov also expressed confidence that Russia and the United States can cooperate more effectively in combating terrorism. Russia offered the U.S. to coordinate military action in Syria, while have agreed only on the avoidance of incidents in the air.

“From the very beginning of our operation, which was requested by the Syrian leadership, has proposed to negotiate an agreement on the coordination of our actions, – he stressed. While our American colleagues have only to agree on a mechanism to avoid unforeseen incidents. Sure, you can do more and more effectively deal with terrorists.”

“I hope that today’s agreement to agree on a list of terrorist groups in Syria will move in this direction”, – the Minister added.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that Russia and the U.S. “share a common enemy and we must do everything so that the enemy could not seize power nor in Syria nor in any other state.”

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