Olga Pleshakova confirmed the dismissal of Dmitriy Saprykin as Director of “Transaero”

MOSCOW, October 30. One of the largest shareholders of airline “Transaero” Olga Pleshakova confirmed the dismissal of Dmitriy Saprykin as Director General of the airline. About it she wrote today in his microblog on Twitter.

“In connection with numerous references of employees of airline “Transaero” reported, in accordance with paragraph 11.4 of the company’s Charter, the powers of the D. P. Saprykin as Director and Chairman of the management Board terminated by the Board of Directors. For these positions appointed V. G. Zaitsev. Protocols from 23.10.15″, – said Pleshakova.

Earlier on Friday the representative of Rosaviation has informed that the General Director “Transaero” remains former top-the Manager “Aeroflot” Dmitry Saprykin, appointed to this position on 7 September, as Valery Zaitsev, speaking on 30 October before the creditors at the conference as the new General Director of the carrier has not confirmed their powers in the register.

“The General Director “Transaero” remains Dmitry Saprykin, Valery Zaitsev has not confirmed their powers in the unified state register of legal entities, the tax authorities also have no information about his appointment,” he said.

A few days ago, “Transaero” has informed that the Board of Directors of the airline dismissed General Director Dmitry Saprykin and appointed to the post Valery Zaitsev, Deputy flight Director of the airline.

In addition, the company’s Board of Directors elected him in the composition of the Board of OJSC “AK “Transaero” and appointed him to the post of Chairman of the Board.

On the eve of appointment Zaitseva Saprykin has informed that intends to address in arbitration court with the statement for bankruptcy of airline.

Friday, October 30, in the meeting with creditors, Zaitsev was seen as CEO. He stated that the bankruptcy of the air carrier is a hopeless way for creditors and aviation in General.

September 7, experiencing financial difficulties, the carrier was transferred under the operational management of Aeroflot, as the company’s CEO is the top Manager of Aeroflot Dmitry Saprykin. Before him the company was headed by Dmitry Erzakovich assigned after Olga Pleshakova, one of the largest shareholders of the company, left his post of CEO.

The airline “Transaero” is the second largest airline in Russia and the main Charter carrier with the deterioration of the economic situation in the country and the increase in the exchange rate began to experience financial difficulties. Transaero airlines has been unable to provide its activity and to repay the debt. The government has decided to transfer a controlling stake in the carrier in the Aeroflot group, then the largest carrier engaged in operating a management “Transaero”.

However, the holders of shares in Transaero, including family Pleshakova, the appointed time has collected a controlling stake, and the deal fell through.

In the end, on 1 October the government decided on bankruptcy of the carrier. The company has stopped sale of tickets. Rosaviatsia revoked the air operator certificate “Transaero” since October 26.