The defense Ministry praised the progress of construction of housing for Sevflot

The defense Ministry praised the progress of construction of housing for Sevflot

By year-end construction and finishing works on objects of administrative-housing complex on the Alexandra Land will be completed, said Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov.

ALEXANDRA ISLAND (the Archipelago of Franz Joseph), 30 Oct. Deputy Russian defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov praised the quality and pace of construction of administrative-residential complex “Arctic Shamrock” military infrastructure of the Northern fleet (NF) on the Alexandra Land, located at a distance of 1380 miles from mainland Russia.

“Already this year, the 150 Russian soldiers will celebrate the housewarming in this unique complex, built on 80 degrees North latitude”, — said the Deputy head of the Ministry of defence to journalists after visiting the venue.

“The construction is proceeding according to the approved by the Minister of defence the plan. Until the end of December, all construction and finishing works on the objects will be finished, they used the builders will return to the mainland”, — said Bulgakov.

Among the various infrastructure Deputy defense Minister visited the water treatment plant, where there are seven tanks with a capacity of 100 thousand litres each, which cover the island snow after the procedure cleaning and disinfection of drinking water served. This water, as said the Deputy head of the Ministry of defense builders, they drink straight from the tap without boiling. This same water is used for cooking and other needs.

According to Bulgakov, “in 2016 we will build on the Alexandra Land, some infrastructure, including the runway (runway) airfield Nagurski length of 2.8 kilometres, is able to accept almost all types of aircraft (runway length now 1.5 kilometres)”.

Bulgakov has instructed the Department management and maintenance of municipal services the Ministry of defence for the New year to deliver to Earth by Alexandra Christmas tree and gifts. “Let bearing here military service of our soldiers and officers will be a truly festive and joyful New year”, — said the Deputy head of the defense Ministry.

Bulgakov trip on the archipelago of Franz Joseph took place in the conditions of polar night in 20-degree frost. Occurred in the last decade of October the polar night in the archipelago will continue until the beginning of February.