KamAZ returned to work without downtime due to the recovery in the market

KAZAN, November 1. /Corr.Damir hajrulin TASS/. KamAZ since November, returns to the schedule with no downtime. As explained korr. in a press-service of the company, cancellation of incomplete working week “contributed to the revival of the market”.

“Over the previous months was formed a portfolio of orders in the end the production was the approximate volume of orders. They’ll need to work normal, without any downtime, schedule,” – said the representative of the press service of the company, without naming the exact amounts received by the factory orders.

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“Orders come from dealers, it is not centralized, so to speak, what volume of orders will be in the next few days, hard to say,” – said the press service.

On a normal, five-day work schedule since November, begin to operate all plants and units of KAMAZ, which due to the fall in demand on the Russian market in April 2015 worked three days a week, and in may – four days. In June, units of KAMAZ worked seven days instead of the planned 12. The downtime was paid at 2/3 of the average wage.

The increase in the number of working days at the plant occurred in October, when KAMAZ has cancelled planned for October 30 day of inactivity. This was associated with increased orders. Non-working days at the plant began only on 1 and 2 October.

As previously reported, from the beginning, the factory produced more than 18 thousand trucks. For six months 2015, the export of trucks increased by 2.6% compared to the same period last year. Export supplies of KAMAZ vehicles, according to the company, amounted to 2.2 thousand units. Supply growth mostly marked in the far abroad countries, where it sold 796 vehicles.

According to analysts of KAMAZ, in 2015 the Russian market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons will reach 39 thousand units, the share of KAMAZ will make it to 51%. By the end of 2014, this indicator was equal to 45.9 per cent.

KamAZ ranks 16th among the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and 8th place in the world in terms of production of diesel engines. In the technological chain of the group includes 11 major automobile manufacturing plants and support divisions. Produces more than 40 models of trucks and trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power units and different tools. In departments and associated companies of KAMAZ employs around 45 thousand people.

The largest shareholder of KAMAZ is GC “rostech” (it controls 49.9% of shares). Also among the shareholders of German carmaker Daimler, the American KAMAZ International Management and open company “Financial leasing company “KAMAZ”.