Michele Placido: Putin is number one in the world in foreign policy

ROME, October 31. /Corr. Faith Shcherbakov/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the moment in foreign policy is number one in the world, because he has clear ideas and has the moral strength to answer the challenges of the current difficult period. This in an exclusive interview korr. said the famous Italian actor and Director Michele Placido.

“I am convinced that in foreign policy, Russia is showing much more attention to maintain balance in the world than the West. And so, actually, many people think. Many people think but hardly anyone speaks it out loud. Putin is number one in the world in foreign policy, because he has clear ideas and has the moral strength to answer the challenges of the current difficult period,” said the man of culture.

“If we talk about Islamic terrorism and clash on religious grounds, I believe the approaches of Putin is more reasonable. And I don’t doubt it. In domestic politics can be divisive, controversy, criticism, but it can be discussed in an open dialogue, but it is impossible to resort to strategies of exclusion against great people. Italy with Russia have longstanding historical relations of cooperation. How can this be erase? How can you refuse dialogue with Russia?” asked Placido, saying he strongly disagrees with the position of the West against Russia.

In particular, the actor believes is not comparable to the situation in Ukraine and the reaction to it with what happened in Iraq and Libya. “I’m very angry. And it’s not just words. Let me explain why I am not a politician and can’t judge how good Putin for Russia from the point of view of internal politics and Economics. Political contrasts with Ukraine very long history, ethnic problems. In my opinion, much more serious, European intervention in Iraq, when he was deposed Saddam Hussein, and in Libya against Gaddafi, because of oil, he continued. It’s a real invasion of the country, which were crushed all sovereign rights. And no one who wasn’t asking for permission, not to mention that it cost millions of lives. And no one said anything”.

“I say this, not because I’m a Russophile or proamericanism, I’m not the one and not the other. But I am a citizen of the world, which objectively looks at history”, said Placido.

The actor has just returned from Moscow, where, together with Andrei Konchalovsky took part in an evening dedicated to the 750th anniversary since the birth of Dante Alighieri, organized by the Institute of Italian culture in the framework of the Week of the Italian language.

“It was a wonderful evening. Andrew talked primarily about Dante, about the significance of his “divine Comedy” not only in the comparative context of Russia and Italy, but comparing Catholicism with Orthodoxy. It’s a very deep reading. And what struck me is the attention of the audience among whom were many young people. Time passes, and in Russia still many young people who want to learn something new, interest in Italian culture and language and admire the great Dante. And this, in my opinion, evidence of a deep understanding of culture,” says Placido.

Visit to Moscow

The actor, who repeatedly visited Russia, and in Soviet times, and in 1991 starred in the movie “Afghan breakdown”, was pleasantly surprised by Moscow. “Moscow is a magnificent city, a true cultural capital, where people are proud that they are Russians and proud of what place their country occupies in the international arena. I came back after Moscow to Rome, where despite all its beauty, I felt in running the village. You I saw metropolis, which grows, develops and becomes a world class metropolis like new York,” – shared his impressions of Italian.

He said that he intends to continue working with Konchalovsky. In particular, he offered him his production opportunities in the film about Michelangelo, which the Russian Director. To the question, thinks Placido star in this film, as a genius of the Renaissance, the actor evaded, having referred that decisions should be made by Konchalovsky.

The same Konchalovsky’s brother Nikita Mikhalkov can become a co-producer of the new film was the Placido. Next year he starts filming the series for the state television RAI “Kingdom”, which will be discussed conspiracy between the state and the mafia since 1943 until the present day.

Himself 69-year-old Placido, best known for the role of fearless fighter against “godfathers” Commissioner Cattani in the TV series “octopus”, this time to play mafia. When asked why he decided to change roles, the actor replied: “This is a film not so much about mafia, but about politics.” The author of the script will perform Giancarlo De Cataldo, author of “Crime novel”, filmed Placido in 2005.