The Russian foreign Ministry: Russia plays an important role in mobilizing the efforts of the UN to combat corruption

MOSCOW, November 1. Held in St. Petersburg from 2 to 6 November VI session of the Conference of the States parties to the UN Convention against corruption is a recognition of Russia’s role in mobilizing international efforts on anti-corruption. This was stated in an interview with the Ambassador for special assignments of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of international anticorruption cooperation Vladimir Tarabrin.

“Such conferences are held every two years and are the only and largest international forum on anti-corruption, which has global coverage, he said. – The participating member States of the United Nations Convention against corruption (currently 177 countries), relevant intergovernmental organizations and interested NGOs as observers”.

“In St. Petersburg it is planned that about 3 thousand delegates from various countries, said Tarabrin. – Work will proceed in the plenary sessions and working groups. On the sidelines of the conference will be a significant number of special events organised by interested States, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations on various specific problems of fighting corruption”.

According to him, Russia will hold two such events – the partnership of government and business in combating corruption and the role of the Ombudsman under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights.

“The Russian interagency delegation at the conference will be headed by Deputy foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov, – continued the diplomat. – The Russian foreign Ministry is responsible for all substantive part of the forum. Together with other interested Russian agencies prepared the draft outcome document on the priority theme – public-private partnership in corruption prevention and combat. It will be a major political document, reflecting all the main trends of international cooperation in this sphere”.

In addition, the conference will have about 10 resolutions on various topical aspects of combating corruption.

In Russia will launch the second cycle of review of implementation of the Convention against corruption

The forthcoming conference will be launched the second cycle review of the implementation of the Convention, also said Tarabarin.

“Review of the implementation is a mechanism under which all States parties is analyzed in terms of compliance with the requirements of the Convention and makes appropriate recommendations, he explained. – The second cycle of review will focus on the chapters of the document on measures on prevention of corruption and on asset recovery. The first cycle devoted to the chapters on criminalization of corruption offences and international cooperation, Russia was successful”.

“Our country plays a very significant and active role in ongoing UN-sponsored anti-corruption work on the track, said Tarabrin. – With the assistance of the Russian Federation, including the financial assistance, the UN Office on drugs and crime has produced a range of useful materials analytical nature, aimed at assisting States in combating corruption, including in improving their national anti-corruption systems. In the fight against corruption Russia has consistently advocated a Central and coordinating role of the UN and believes that other specialized organizations and structures, including regional, such as the Council of Europe, APEC, OECD, FATF, OSCE, BRICS should not replace, but rather to complement efforts carried out under the auspices of the UN”.

Corruption is one of the most serious challenges and threats currently faced by all States, without exception, stressed the diplomat. So, according to the European Commission, the EU countries annually lose from corruption are 120 billion euros. In Russia, according to estimates of the Investigative Committee, the damage from corruption in the past year amounted to 15 billion rubles.