Zakharova: the result of the negotiations on Syria in Vienna is a victory of common sense

MOSCOW, November 1. The result of the multilateral meetings on Syria, held in Vienna from 30 October, is a victory not Russia, and common sense. This statement was made in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov on the TV channel “Russia 1”, the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“I read a lot of different estimates, there is a “victory for Russia”… I think it is a victory of common sense. We initially, four years ago, came from the fact that the process of the Syrian settlement must be inclusive, i.e. all stakeholders should be involved in the process”, – said Zakharov.

Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that “equals should be presented and taken into account the interests of all who live in Syria” and that Russia has submitted a list of almost 40 groups and organizations of the Syrian opposition, are not extremist or terrorist. The list transferred to foreign partners.

“Now the ball is in their court. They have to look, someone might add, with someone to disagree. But our list includes virtually all the power, which is healthy from the point of view that they are not applied neither extremist nor terrorist methods to defend their political interests,” Zakharov said, stressing that the list was drawn up on the basis of the work that the Russian side spent the last four years with the Syrian opposition.

At a new international meeting on Syria in Vienna, the participants must come, when it will be agreed developments on October 30 questions, so the date of the new round of negotiations has not been determined, said Zakharova.

“Within two weeks, counting from the Friday of the meeting, must be another meeting, she said. – The date is not agreed, because this should be already some groundwork”.

On 23 October in Vienna was held quadripartite meeting (Russia. USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) to resolve the conflict in Syria. On 30 October the discussion was continued in an expanded format – this time in Vienna brought together representatives of 19 countries and international organizations.

According to the result of the second Vienna meeting adopted a document on principles for resolving the crisis in Syria, which, including, provided for new negotiations within two weeks.