Governor Turchak invited the journalist Kashin “to talk, looking into his eyes”

PSKOV, November 2. Governor Andrey Turchak invited the journalist Oleg Kashin in the Pskov region “to talk, looking into his eyes”. About it reported in regional management on public relations and mass communications.

“Governor Andrey Turchak explained that his invitation made by the journalist Oleg Kashin a few years ago, to visit the Pskov region remains in force. The head of the region said: “Let him come, we will be able to see everything, look you in the eye, just talk about this”, – specified in management.

According to Turchak, a journalist who believes the Governor of the Pskov involved in his beating, “just blindly use”. His silence on the arguments of Kashin, which he placed in several publications to his “Live journal”, the Governor explained that earlier in the criminal case, answered all questions that interested the investigation.

The journalist was severely beaten in November 2010. He linked it to his professional activities. A few months before that, between Kashin and head of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak had a conflict on the Internet. The journalist put to the Governor an insult and refused to apologise.

In September 2015, Kashin reported that three suspects in the brutal attack on him was working security company “Mechanical plant”, which is a holding company “Leninets”. The latter, according to Kashin, belongs to the family of the Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak.