In Russia managed to return 8.5 million rubles for the return of assets earned by criminal means

ST. PETERSBURG, November 2. The head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov said that Russia managed to return 8.5 million rubles due to the return from abroad of assets earned by criminal means.

“Oddly enough, the Prosecutor’s office of Latvia on good terms and from Latvia we have returned on request 1,5 million roubles, from Switzerland, has returned 7 million roubles from the property of ex-Senator izmestiev in Switzerland, Deputy Minister of agriculture Bojanowo work is also underway on the restoration of funds,” – said Ivanov.

In his words, “a lot of money arrested overseas but not returned, because it is a very long legal procedure”. For example, he cited France, where the seized property ex-wife of the Minister of Finance of Moscow region Kuznetsova, “on the Kuznetsov now received a claim to the French Prosecutor’s office to arrest his castle in Saint-Tropez and another thing, acquired by overwork”. Also the representative of the Kremlin mentioned Switzerland, where the arrest was effected for the sum of 163 million dollars, and Britain, where arrested of 1.5 pounds in the accounts of the accused in the case of Sovcomflot Nikitin.

Ivanov explained that the procedure for the return of arrested abroad of assets very difficult. “You have to find first, then request, then wait for a positive response, then this needs to be the property of the castle or mansion – someone bought it, and only after that funds received from the sale will be returned”, – he described this legal framework. However, the head of the presidential administration assured that the work is being done.

Ivanov admitted that “the worst situation is with the Anglo-Saxon countries – USA, Canada, England” on asset recovery in Russia. He also regrets that there are times when “the fugitive – Frank crook, crook, crook, – give the refugee status and it’s all over, it is in Anglo-Saxon countries.” “They taught us the fight against corruption, as it is important, but here the lush color of politicking thrives,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

According to him, when the return of assets from abroad, “the lion’s share of success depends on good bilateral relations of our office and Prosecutor’s office of the state where the property is located”. “If good relations or there is no hard political team – nothing to do, everything else is useless”, – said Ivanov.