In Shanghai demonstrated the first prototype of the Chinese passenger plane S

SHANGHAI, November 2. /Corr. Artem Churkin/. The first prototype of the Chinese single-aisle airliner Is demonstrated in Shanghai. During the meeting the manufacturing center of China commercial aircraft (COMAC) of the ceremony the plane, painted in white, blue and green, rolled out from the shop to an open area.

“This is a huge step in the development of civil aviation in China,” he said in his speech the head of the civil aviation administration of China Li Sasan. He recalled that gigantic air transportation market of China is completely dependent on imports, and creating your own aircraft will largely solve this problem.

As reported correspondent. the representative of COMAC, in the coming months will be carried out ground tests of all components and systems of a new machine. The first flight S, according to the plans of developers, needs to be completed in 2016.

A commercial airliner will not arrive before 2018. It will be designed to carry 156 or 168 passengers, depending on configuration, competing with the A320 medium-haul aircraft “Boeing-737”. It will be installed engines of CFM international concern International. The range will be 4075 km, special version with extended range – up to 5555 km

To date, the portfolio of pre-orders for S from Chinese and foreign aviation and leasing companies is 517 cars. In COMAC expects that the total number of aircraft released by the project S can reach 2000, while their combined market share would amount to about 1 trillion yuan ($160 billion).

The work on the project C began in 2008. Before that, the Chinese experience of creating large aircraft limited produced in 70-ies of the last century aircraft “Yun-10”. Currently, the PRC is developing its own widebody.