Ivanov called the appointment of Serdyukov in the “rosteh” enterprise solution

Moscow. On 2 November. The appointment of ex-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in the “rosteh” it was a corporate decision, the Kremlin has nothing to do with it, said the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov at a briefing in St. Petersburg.

“As I understand it, neither the prosecution nor the judiciary have any claims against Serdyukov there. There is such good saying: “no court no”. And the fact that he was appointed in “rosteh” is a corporate decision,” said Ivanov.

As previously reported, Serdyukov was appointed industrial Director of “Rostec” for the aviation industry.

As a Minister Serdyukov headed the Supervisory Board of Rostec. In 2012, after the resignation was withdrawn from the Council.

Serdyukov headed the defense Ministry from 2007 to 2012 In December 2013 he was officially charged with negligence; he pleaded not guilty. In 2014, the former Minister, who was not threatened with imprisonment, was pardoned; criminal case against him closed.

The functionality of the former head of the defense Ministry Anatoly Serdyukov includes participation in the management bodies of SC “rostec”, the press-service of the Corporation.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Dog Cove earlier also said that “rosteh” is not within the competence of the Kremlin and the presidential administration.