Procurement will monitor the Corporation for the development of small and medium enterprises

Moscow. On 2 November. The Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which the Corporation is development of small and medium enterprises will monitor procurement by state companies.

“I signed a decree which defines the modalities of that Corporation monitoring those purchases that make state companies”, – he said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers on Monday.

“It’s no secret that the volume of purchases of huge, and often quite limited group of suppliers. And we are interested in around large companies and generally around large businesses – public and private – has been concentrating and developing small and medium enterprises,” continued the Russian Prime Minister.

According to him, such practice exists all over the world.

According to the Russian Prime Minister, created the Corporation will become the center of financial-credit support of small and medium-sized companies and to help promote this sector of business.

Medvedev also said that approved placing plans and schedules of public procurement in the single informsistema, which will operate from next year. “Another document, signed by me, says the rules of placement plans and schedules procurement for state and municipal needs in the unified information system. The system will begin to operate from 2016, which, hopefully, will impact positively on the operation and the state structures themselves, and business in General, and most importantly – will save time and hopefully money,” he said.