Sergei Ivanov: on the appointment of Serdyukov to the Corporation in the Kremlin learned from the media

ST. PETERSBURG, November 2. In the administration of the President of the Russian Federation learned about the appointment of ex-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in the “rosteh” from the media, but emphasize that the Prosecutor General’s office and the court no claim to it.

“The appointment of Serdyukov I have nothing to comment on, as I understand it, neither the Prosecutor General nor especially the judiciary no claims to no Serdyukov,” – said the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergey Ivanov to journalists. In this regard, he cited the Russian proverb: “no court no”.

“The fact that he was appointed in “Rostehnologii” at some position is a corporate decision. Do you think that the Kremlin paints in each of the Corporation whom where to appoint? We also learned about it from media reports,” – said Ivanov.