Sergei Ivanov: standards in the fight against corruption cannot be imposed on those or other countries

ST. PETERSBURG, November 2. The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergey Ivanov is confident that the standards of fight against corruption cannot be imposed on those or other countries.

“The experience of some States to others is often inappropriate, and sometimes harmful”

“The imposition of standards to which individual countries are not ready, is unacceptable,” – said Ivanov, speaking at the UN Conference on the fight against corruption. He explained: “We know from experience that the experience of some States in the formation of certain forms of behavior for others is often inappropriate, and sometimes harmful.”

“In this regard, we believe that in implementing international anti-corruption standards should always take into account the specifics of each particular state”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration.

Ivanov recalled that the UN Convention against corruption more than ten years serves as a generic document, based on which different countries are fighting against corruption by threat.

“Such unity is fundamental, basic approaches greatly increases the effectiveness of efforts at the national level, helps to build productive inter-state partnership in which the Federation traditionally accepts the most active participation,” says Ivanov. In his words, “it is important that a system of anti-corruption standards of the Convention extends not only to the competence of the state – it already covers the private sector, and civil society”.

The head of the Kremlin administration stated that the review of the implementation of the Convention in Russia in 2012, national legislation considered to be generally consistent with the Convention and to meet international standards. “While we continue to pay serious attention to bilateral and multilateral initiatives in the field of combating corruption, money laundering and legalization of assets with questionable criminal origin”, – assured Ivanov. He added that the success of this work can be seen and contribute to the improvement of the business climate. To confirm his words he cited these polls that show that citizens of Russia noted the positive dynamics in the sphere of fight against corruption.

“We hope that this conference will launch the second cycle review of the implementation of the Convention”, – said the representative of the Kremlin. He said: “We are convinced that the anti-corruption actions at the international level require clear rules and a common concerted effort.”

“Another key condition – broad involvement of civil society structures”

The head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation believes that the fight against corruption should lead not only the state but also the business. “We are well aware that combating corruption is important not only honed legal mechanisms and decisive steps by the state, a significant contribution to joint work can and must make the business community”, – he said.

Ivanov believes promising Russian initiative for the adoption of the anti-Corruption Charter for business. “On a voluntary basis have joined a significant number of representatives of business community of Russia, including shareholders and top managers of Russian industrial enterprises”, – said Ivanov. In his words, “the Charter is aimed at building a culture of rejection of corruption, transparency in corporate relations and in the interaction of business with authorities”.

The head of the Kremlin administration has underlined that “in Russia the system of counteraction of corruption is built on the basis of national legal culture – historical and socio-economic development, as well as the specific needs and interests of society”. Ivanov has reminded that in Russia there are mechanisms to prevent corruption, for example, reveals information about the property and assets of officials, tracked their income and expenses. “For the elimination of prerequisites for corruption is organized the work of the control and Supervisory bodies, reduces the number of inspections of business,” – gave another example of Ivanov. Among the anti-corruption action he also said the elimination of administrative barriers and unnecessary procedures, the introduction of modern mechanisms of public service delivery, including in electronic form, eliminating the possibility for arbitrary actions and decisions of officials.

As another positive example the head of the administration, called the creation in Russia of Institute of the presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights protection, which should ensure the observance of the rights of businessmen.

“Another key condition for the successful combating of corruption is a broad connection to this process of civil society structures”, – says Ivanov. He recalled that “in the Convention mechanisms laid down the formats for non-governmental organizations, which makes sense, because the achievement of tangible results in fighting corruption is directly related to consistent and systematic formation at total population total rejection of any manifestations of this evil.”