Shareholders of Bank “the Messenger” 9 December will consider its elimination

MOSCOW, November 2. The Board of Directors of the Bank Svyaznoy decided to convene on 9 December, an extraordinary General meeting of shareholders, which will put the issue of liquidation of a credit organization. This is stated in the message Bank.

“Due to the fact that as of 1 October 2015 the Bank have any grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On banks and banking”, pursuant to the requirements of the Federal law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)” the decision to convene an extraordinary General meeting of shareholders in the form of joint presence of shareholders”, – the report says.

In the agenda there is a point about liquidation of the credit institution.

Complexity in the Bank “Svyaznoy” began about a year ago. The main owner of the Bank Maxim Nogotkov wanted to attract a partner to the Bank for its development. To do this failed. At the beginning of the current year the Bank started having problems, the Bank began to impose restrictions on its operations, like cash withdrawal and replenishment of deposits. The Bank also announced the closure of several offices.

In early spring the Bank “the Messenger” has changed ownership. In February FAS approved the application of group Solvers businessman Oleg Malis buying 51% Trellas, managing assets Maxim Nogotkov, who owned a Bank Messenger. Thus, the new shareholder of the Bank “the Messenger” became Oleg Malis.

However, the problems the Bank is not over. The Bank needed additional investment and infusion in the capital. The management of “Svyaznoy” was asked to the shareholders of the Bank, but received no reply. As a result, the Bank violated the value of capital adequacy ratio N1.0, the minimum size of which should not be below 10%. On 1 September the ratio was 2.24%, on 1 October of 0.98%. In early October, the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has begun checking in “Liaison” to examine the status on the subject of rehabilitation.