The Central Bank has said it is overpowering the volatility of the currency Cruz

Moscow. On 2 November. The volatility of the exchange rate to overcome the impossible, said first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin during the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma on Monday.

“It is impossible to overcome the volatility of the exchange rate. (. . .) I would like it to be stable, but will not work. Moreover, this volatility, volatility leads to asymmetric unilateral inflationary impact on domestic prices,” said Thulin.

By the end of October, the ruble rose against the dollar and the Euro, failing to find support, despite low world oil prices. At the beginning of the month, the strengthening of the Russian currency was significant, but in the subsequent market entered a period of consolidation on the stabilization index futures of Brent crude oil below $50 per barrel. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil, converted to dollars, mostly oscillating in the range of 3000-3200 rubles.

The main factor of growth of rouble in October was the continuation of stabilization at the global capital markets and reduced fears of new instability of the market. This stabilization in a significant extent, reducing the likelihood of a rate increase by the fed in the near future. The ruble was also supported by the decision of the CBR to leave its key rate unchanged at 11% per annum.

October was the first month the ruble and the dollar and the Euro since may. In the summer months, the monthly dollar and the Euro added about 5-10%, in September the growth rate of currency was reduced to 1.5-2%. Experts note the trend towards the strengthening of the ruble, dominant in the past two months and formed after the August peak (when the dollar and the Euro has updated the highs of the year). In relation to the levels of late August, the dollar and the Euro decreased by approximately 10%.

For the first ten months of 2015, the dollar rose against the ruble by 7.9 rubles, or 14%; the Euro gained 2.05 rubles, or about 3%.

On Monday weighted average rate of U.S. dollar to Russian ruble with maturity calculations “tomorrow” at the auction of the Moscow exchange as of 11:30 Moscow time, on the basis of which the process of the exchange rate of the dollar the next day, fell on 57,52 kopecks to RUB 63,7992

The weighted average Euro rate with maturity calculations “tomorrow” in comparison with the level, generated to this time in previous trading, fell by 39,64 kopecks. and amounted to 70,4059 ruble.