The foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation: support to the Russian world is a priority of foreign policy of the country

MOSCOW, November 2. To provide full support to the Russian world – unconditional foreign policy priority of Russia. This opinion was expressed by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in his article “Russian world on the path of consolidation”, which was published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.


“To provide full support to the Russian world – unconditional foreign policy priority of Russia, as recorded in the foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation. As repeatedly reaffirmed by President Vladimir Putin, we will continue vigorously to defend the rights of compatriots, using the entire Arsenal of available means, under international law,” writes the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“The fifth of November in Moscow the fifth world Congress of Russian compatriots living abroad, aims to become an important step in the further consolidation of the Russian world. The upcoming forum is a good opportunity to summarize the progress made during the past years, to plan for the future”, – stated in the article.

“The fifth Congress of the Russian world is coming more consolidated, democratically functioning institutional structures at country, regional and global levels. Anti-Russian actions in Washington and Brussels, including the imposition of unilateral restrictions, it has not affected our dialogue with the community properly reacted to the events, expressed support for Russia”, – said Lavrov.

Lavrov said that the Russian MFA is providing full cooperation was established in January 2013 to Fund the support and protection of the rights of compatriots living abroad, which proved a popular mechanism to defend their legitimate interests, neutralizing their attempts at discrimination, especially in the Baltic States.

“On the impact of our efforts is evidenced by the implementation of the State program on assisting voluntary resettlement in Russia of compatriots living abroad. Just its framework in Russia moved more than 367 thousand people. A strong influence on this process supports the development of the situation in Ukraine: only unleashed by the Kiev war on Donbass in our country profit of 1.2 million Ukrainians. Overall, the share of Ukrainian citizens is more than half of the total number who came to Russia of compatriots,” Lavrov wrote in the article.

The Minister noted that the forthcoming Congress will bring together more than 400 representatives of compatriots ‘ organizations from 97 countries, heads of Federal authorities, relevant ministries and agencies, a number of Russian regions, other reputable guests.

“I am confident that together we will successfully solve the challenges in the further disclosure of the enormous potential of the Russian world”, – concluded Lavrov.