Yatsenyuk has assessed the shortage of gas in Ukraine for the heating season

Moscow. November 1. In addition to accumulated in the Ukrainian gas storages 17 billion cubic meters of gas for the successful completion of the current heating season should additionally purchase nearly 5 billion cubic meters, said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk

“We also received additional credits, to pass the winter with the necessary amount of gas and heat in each house”, – said Yatsenyuk on air of TV program “10 minutes with the Premier” on Sunday.

He said that to buy uploaded 17 billion cubic meters Ukraine received loans. “These credits bought gas twice cheaper than bought previously notorious gas contract – before we were paying almost 500 dollars, now we are paying 250 dollars”, – stated the Prime Minister.

Yatsenyuk stressed that for this reason on the eve of the heating season in the store was able to pump the gas “a little more than it was last year.”