Asian investors are planning to build in Yakutia is a unique skyscraper at 7.4 billion rubles

YAKUTSK, November 3. /Corr. Susanna Rozhina/. A number of Asian investors from China, South Korea and Japan are interested in the unique project on construction in Yakutia skyscraper in the permafrost. This was announced by technical Director of “AAB-Capital” Leonid Grigoriev.

“In the spring of 2016 in Yakutsk will begin construction of the multifunctional center area of 105 thousand square meters, where will be located business centers, a network of cinemas, entertainment centers, sports complexes, water Park. The total cost of the project is over 7.4 billion rubles”, – he said.

This project was presented in Harbin during the Russian-Chinese EXPO and attracted the interest of several Asian investors from South Korea, China and Japan, which at the moment is the negotiation process.

“We are now solving land issues for construction in the first quarter of 2016 to hammer the first pile. The completion date 2018-2019 years”, – said Grigoriev.

The uniqueness of this project is that it is a huge building being built on the permafrost, will be the height of 18 floors and a total area of 105 thousand square meters. It is planned to construct it out of glass and metal. According to the architectural solution, the building should be in the form of mammoth tusks.

“This is a very complex design in terms of technical performance, so we decide whom from foreign companies to entrust its implementation. According to the plan of high-rise towers must be made in the form of mammoth tusks, dwell to the top and be bent”, – said Grigoriev.

In addition, the building will have a two-level underground Parking.

“In Yakutia was not yet such a large and ambitious project. It will be built in the centre of Yakutsk – 203 in the neighborhood”, – said Grigoriev.