Brechalov: forum “Community” has become a social lift for active people

MOSCOW, November 3./TASS/. The forum of the Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation “Community” has become a social lift for active citizens wishing to work in regional and Federal authorities. This opinion was expressed at the opening ceremony, the Secretary OP Alexander Brechalov.

“Our goal is to make the social Elevator for those who see themselves in regional, Federal Executive authorities, to support this initiative,” he said.

According to Brechalov, during the regional forums “the Community”, held in all Federal districts, he was surprised that among the deputies there are people “for whom there are no significant projects”. “And the people who collected for more than 20 thousand citizens, those (deputies) will not be”, – he added.

Development of a plan of development of noncommercial organizations (NCO) is a task for 2016 – 2017, this year was an inventory of resources, added the Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia.

“Can’t say that we have the final forum “Community” precise plan concept the development of the third sector is working for the 2016-2017 year, as in 2015 we made the inventory of what there is,” he said. “One of the results of the working group (under the leadership of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin) – we made an inventory of everything that have, and have many, but on the other hand, use no more than%”, – said Brechalov.

More than 3.5 thousand people, including representatives of non-profit organizations, volunteers, civil activists, representatives of business and government participate in the final forum of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation “the Community” that began on Tuesday in Moscow. Earlier regional forums “the Community” were held in all Federal districts.