Insurers have called the amount of compensation to relatives of victims in an air crash in Egypt

MOSCOW, November 2. /Corr. Danis Jumabaev/. Relatives of passengers killed in the plane crash in Sinai, are entitled to insurance benefits in the amount of up to 2.15 million roubles, and relatives of crew members on payment of not less 1 million roubles. This was stated by the representatives of insurance companies and the social insurance Fund.

Responsibility of the airline “Kogalymavia” in front of the passengers and crew members and the aircraft were insured in “Ingosstrakh”.

Under the legislation, the minimum amount of indemnity for the death of one passenger in the aircraft is set at $ 2 million roubles, also are compensated for funeral expenses in the amount of 25 thousand rubles.

In addition, relatives of the victims can count on payments for the damage of baggage up to 23 thousand rubles. Thus, the maximum possible amount of indemnity per passenger, died in the plane crash, is 2 million 48 thousand roubles.

Today, the company has decided to provide additional financial assistance to bereaved families. “Ingosstrah” has organized an accelerated and simplified procedure of payment of advance payments in the amount of 100 thousand rubles for each passenger for emergency expenses in addition to statutory payments.

“All insurance payments to the relatives of the victims will be made within 30 days”, – said the Director for public relations of the company “Ingosstrah” Karen Asoyan, noting that insurance payments to relatives of victims are a priority and will be produced by the company as a matter of urgency, in the shortest possible time.

As noted Asoyan, as of Monday evening at the company’s office in St. Petersburg turned the first 10 relatives of the victims. Payments in the amount of 100 thousand rubles client will receive no later than Tuesday, he promised. To get 100 thousand rubles to the families of just one document – passport.

Payments for any needs

Insurance payment in the amount of 2 million roubles for death does not extend to members of the crew of the A321 aircraft. The latter were only insured for 100 thousand roubles the insurance company “the Alliance”.

“The crew of the ship was insured by OJSC IC Allianz within the framework of compulsory insurance of life and health of crewmen of the aircraft. The sum insured for one insured person is 100 thousand rubles (the amount determined by article 132 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation – approx. ed)”, – said the representative of the insurance company. According to him, the funds will be instantly paid to the relatives of the victims, which now defines the insurer together with the airline.

In addition, relatives of the seven dead crew members will also receive payments from the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.

“A lump-sum payment in case of death of the employee’s relatives is 1 million rubles. Thus, the spouses of the victims will receive a one-time insurance payment in the amount of 1 million rubles, if the deceased has children, lump-sum insurance payments are divided into equal shares (for example, 500 thousand rubles spouse and 500 thousand rubles of a minor child),” – said Monday the social insurance Fund.

The Fund will also make monthly insurance payments to minor children of the dead crew members and other persons entitled to them. The amount of monthly insurance payment is defined proceeding from average earnings of the deceased.

What was the sum insured aircraft A321, airline Kogalymavia “Ingosstrakh” does not open, calling it a commercial secret.

According to first Deputy Chairman of the Board of IC “SOGAZ” Nicholas prokopiya galushina, typically for this type of aircraft the insurance amount paid by the insurer, from $600 million to $1 billion.

The contract of insurance of civil liability for failure to perform obligations under the contract of realization of tourist product of the tour operator BRISCO, whose clients were on Board the A321, was imprisoned in the insurance house VSK 30 million. However, this risk is not related to the crash, and the insured event can’t be considered.