Putin will visit the exhibition to the 2000 anniversary of Derbent, and will hold a meeting on the economy

MOSCOW, November 3. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will visit the State historical Museum on red square, which opens the exhibition to the 2000 anniversary of Derbent.

The exhibition consists of several sections that reflect major milestones in the development of Dagestan. For instance, the exhibition contains ancient bronze and pottery, medieval utensils mountain huts. A separate part is devoted to the arrival in the city of Emperor Peter I. Particular attention is paid to today’s life of the Republic.

Derbent is one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest city of Russia. The first settlement of the Kura-Araks culture, discovered by archaeologists, was built here in the early bronze age – at the end of IV Millennium BC the city – the only city of ancient times, preserved in their original place. To Russia, the city was incorporated in 1806. Nowadays Derbent is the second largest city of Dagestan, a unique monument of ancient history. The decree on celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Derbent in 2015 was signed by Vladimir Putin in November 2012.

As previously noted by the head of state, “for centuries the city served as one of the key centers of the Caspian region, being at the crossroads of civilizations, Europe and Asia, North and South, the Great silk road, Derbent was an important participant, truly a landmark event and played a special role in the development of trade, science, culture and education”. According to Putin, “Derbent require careful and special treatment”.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the working schedule of the head of state on Tuesday also included several working meetings and “expert meeting on economic issues – current and future planning”.