Shareholder S7 Filev out of the deal on purchase of control package of “Transaero”

MOSCOW, November 2. The outstanding judicial claims of actions “Transaero” has prevented the businessman Vladislav Fileva to buy a controlling stake of the airline and led to his exit. This was stated by the businessman’s wife Natalia Fileva and the shareholder’s representative.

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Co-owner of S7 airlines Filev announced the desire to buy a controlling stake in Transaero airlines from its current shareholders Pleshakova family, promising to save the company and to settle debts to creditors and leasing companies. However, a substantial portion of the stock is pledged to the creditor banks, in particular VTB.

“Shareholders “Transaero” there are no unencumbered shares of the controlling stake, and also has outstanding judicial claims by third parties in respect of the shares. Therefore, the transaction will not take place”, – said the representative Fileva.

“We get out of the deal,” confirmed Fileva.

The Bankruptcy Of “Transaero”

Total debt Transaero is about 250 billion rubles. A number of creditor banks announced their intention to file lawsuits to the bankruptcy of the company.

At the beginning of September by the decision of the government Commission “Transaero” came under the operational control of “Aeroflot”, which is also planned to acquire 75 percent stake in the company. At the request of “Aeroflot”, the deal fell through because shareholders “Transaero” has been unable to collect the package. In turn shareholders “Transaero” has declared that the deal was not approved by the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS).

The government adopted the decision on bankruptcy “Transaero” on 1 October and 21 October Filev announced the desire to buy a controlling stake in the company. Despite the statement Fileva Rosaviation the next day decided to cancel the operator’s certificate “Transaero” since October 26.

However, about one third of international routes “Transaero” on the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Ministry of transport will move to the companies of Aeroflot group.

Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said that the certificate “Transaero” cancelled “once and forever”. At a meeting with creditor banks Filev said that will be able to restore the operations of the company for six months. State-owned banks are the main creditors of “Transaero” – in favour of bankruptcy “Transaero”.