The EBRD officially announced the appointment of the chief economist Guriev

Moscow. November 3. Former rector of the Russian economic school Sergey Guriev was appointed as chief economist of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD).

According to the report of EBRD, Guriev will begin work in this position since summer of next year. A citizen would take such a position for the first time.

Since the beginning of this year as chief economist performed, EBRD’s managing Director for corporate strategy, German Hans Peter Lankes.

Guriev left Russia in 2013 because of fears of persecution by law enforcement agencies under the so-called “business experts” (experts in the field of law and Economics, who worked on the examination of the verdict in the “second Yukos case” at the request of the Council for human rights under the President of the Russian Federation). Investigators on the decision of the court seized Guriev e-mail correspondence for several years, after which he went to France.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that in Russia Guriev is not in danger. “He’s a smart man, very good specialist, that’s true, and so found a job, they must be good” – so described the reasons for the departure of the economist Putin on 1 October at a meeting with members of HRC.