UTair to launch a new flight after the closing of “Transaero”

UTair to launch a new flight after the closing of “Transaero”

At the moment all flights in the direction of “Vladivostok-Vnukovo” after bankruptcy “Transaero” carries out the airline “Aeroflot”.

VLADIVOSTOK, 3 Nov. The company “UTair” is considering the possibility to launch daily flight from Vnukovo to Vladivostok after the end of work “Transaero”, according to the administration of Primorye.

Earlier the regional authorities reported that in connection with the bankruptcy of “Transaero” in Primorye, there was a deficit on tickets are available in economy class. Almost all the passenger traffic on the line Vladivostok-Moscow is now only “Aeroflot”. The carrier reported that highlights the aircraft for additional transportation of passengers from the Far East — including in the “flat rates”.

“As said General Director of JSC “international airport Vladivostok”, Igor Lukashin, address “UTair” was sought with the launch of a daily flight from Vnukovo to Vladivostok starting from the current season and next year. The company accepted this proposal with interest. Currently she is studying the demand for such a flight, given the data on the transportations of the company “Aeroflot”, — stated in the message.

Today, the airport is ready to provide the airline with a clock in the overall schedule of the flights. To perform the UTair flight on its wide-body Boeing 767-200.

“Technically we are fully prepared to receive aircraft company previously entered into a Treaty with it updated. Consider the introduction of an additional flight is relevant because the replacement of Aeroflot Airbus 330 for a more capacious Boeing-777 have been announced until mid-December. If UTair considers economically reasonable additional travel, he can be held 10 November in the morning — such a date requested by the company previously,” said Lucyshyn.

The airline “Transaero” has been unable to service debts, which form together with the leasing obligations of about 250 billion rubles. Her tickets aren’t sold, but flying the airlines is prohibited from October 26.