“Aeroflot” will increase the amount of the claim to “Transaero”

MOSCOW, November 3. “Aeroflot” will increase the amount of the claim to “Transaero” at the court session, which will take place on 25 November, said the representative of “Aeroflot” in the preliminary examination, the Arbitration court of Moscow case about collecting of a debt with “Transaero”.

“We wanted to increase the amount of the claim. But as the defendant (today) wasn’t (in court room – approx.ed.), will declare an increase in the amount on the court”, – said the representative of “Aeroflot” during the meeting.

The court has appointed on November 25 consideration of the merits of the debt with “Transaero”.

Increase the amount of requirements provided by the contract, said the representative of “Aeroflot”, stressing that the percent increase is calculated at the payment date. “Given the fact that the debt (“Transaero” – approx.ed.) more than 5 billion rubles, the amount /increase/ not little”, she said.

As previously reported, the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Savelyev has specified that the company wants the court to reimburse their costs for the carriage of passengers “Transaero” in the circumstances of the termination of flights of the carrier.