Deputy interior Minister: budget financing agencies is not enough to perform basic tasks

MOSCOW, November 3. Of the money allocated to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for 2016, not enough to perform the main functions of the Ministry. About this at the meeting of the Committee for security and corruption counteraction of the state Duma said the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Alexander Maganov.

“Those limits (of financing) that were brought before us, do not provide the performance of state programs and perform basic functions and tasks entrusted to the Ministry of internal Affairs”, – said the Deputy head of the Ministry. “The budget that we have formed – the budget needs. We received the utmost limits and to receive any explanations for whatever needs that stated our Department, we failed”, he said. “We collected the needs of the regions, our minimal needs,” said Deputy interior Minister.

Maganov noted that the budget of the Ministry of interior for 2016 formed on the basis of ideology and budget needs. “We have no items of income and expenditure, the budget only needs and the flow of funds in the Ministry,” he said.

“The total (remaining) sum is at least 41 billion roubles, without 18,3 (bn) Federal information system biometric accounting,” said Makhanov after the Chairman of the Committee Irina Yarovaya asked about the total missing amount, according to the interior Ministry, is “threatening” from the point of view of ensuring activities of the Ministry.

Magonov clarified that it is including additional requirements in providing fuel, clothing allowances, and provision of the special arms of engineering and intelligence units of the internal troops in compliance with the decree of the President and other points.

After the meeting of the Committee, responding to a question about given the amounts, the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs explained that “there are priorities, and there are planned and ongoing”. “And if to speak seriously, the overall requirements – it is much higher,” he said. Therefore, this amount is the “minimum amount of funds necessary to ensure that the Ministry is now worthy was included in 2016 and at least the first half was performed by his authority”, concluded Magonov.

According to the conclusion of the Duma Committee on the draft budget for 2016, funding of the state program “Ensuring public order and combating crime” in 2016 is provided in the amount of approximately 816 billion rubles is about 15 billion rubles less than in 2015. At the same time it is planned to reduce expenditure in 2016 to all routines taking into account the implementation of the presidential decree on the reduction of the number of employees of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation on 110 thousand people.

Budget financing of security forces

Financing of the Russian security forces in 2016, a rise of about 26 billion rubles, follows from the conclusion of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption on the draft budget for next year. The main financial document of the country is considered at the Committee meeting with the participation of interested offices.

So, the budget allocation in 2016 under the section “national safety and law-enforcement activity” are planned at $ 2,024 trillion rubles, specified in the report. According to him, the budget allocation in 2016 compared to the level in 2015 will be more on 26,249 billion. Basically, this amount is the sum of “other decisions reflected in the closed part of the explanatory note to the draft Federal law”.