Medvedev is satisfied with the improvement of Russia’s positions in the Doing business ranking

GORKI, November 3. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed satisfaction with the improvement of Russia’s positions in the world Bank’s Doing business.

“We now have a lot of problems – both internal and external. However, there are positive changes noticed by those institutions that have been created for this, in particular the movement in different ratings,” he said at a meeting with the head of the Agency for strategic initiatives Andrei Nikitin.

“Recent welcome development is the movement in a positive direction in the Doing Business ranking. There are some nuances, but, nevertheless, it is obvious that the forward movement continues,” – continued the head of the Russian Cabinet.

As previously reported, Russia for the year rose by 11 positions in Doing Business ranking: from 62nd place last year to 51st place in the 2015th.

In 2013, Russia was ranked 92th place. 50 the fourth line, which is located in Peru, Russia separates only 0.02 points.

Improving the environment for doing business is one of the strategic tasks of the state. While one of the landmarks of progress in this direction is the global Doing Business ranking. The may presidential decree “On long-term state economic policy” tasked to improve the country’s place in this ranking from 120th in 2011 to 50th in 2015 and up to 20th in 2018. Means that this indicator should become one of the main indicators of the success of the reforms.

Reserve forward

In turn, Nikitin said that the results Russia has achieved in this ranking in 2015, in fact reflects the real situation, as of 2014.

“It is important to understand that this assessment in fact in the fall of 2014. That is, the world Bank mission came in the spring, and this estimate does not include those decisions which were adopted this year”, – said Nikitin.

“I mean, we have a very serious reserves to move forward on this rating,” he said.

However, the head of ASI recognized that the Doing Business ranking does not include the number of issues that exist in the investment climate.

According to Nikitin, the Agency together with the Ministry of economic development held a series of meetings with business representatives to discuss the issues that need to be addressed. “The first is, of course, all that regards the various connections, because we had a “road map” for energy, and there is a perfectly acceptable results, and the business talked about it. But there is still water left gas etc. In the end, often the entrepreneur is still waiting for two years to connect to everything”, – he told.

The Prime Minister confirmed that having a connection only to electricity, the business can open. Medvedev also said that according to his information, Russian business commends the work of the Agency.

“So, this work should be continued and, of course, should be those things that either work poorly or don’t work, or experience again,” concluded the Prime Minister.