Minister of justice: the state will not be able to fight corruption without tolerance for her citizens

ST PETERSBURG, November 3. /TASS /. In Russia “a lot of emotion” in matters of criticism of state corruption, but that emotional reaction should not remain without reaction professional, said Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov, speaking at the sixth session of the conference of the States parties to the UN Convention against corruption in St. Petersburg.

The Minister is convinced that “the state will not be able on their own to fight corruption if the society will not be total intolerance to any manifestations of bribery”. “Any government policy, whatever it was intense, focused, meaningful in the fight against corruption still will not be able to have the final result, if not immersed in a certain social fabric, which in this case hatred, intolerance towards corruption among the population, – said Konovalov. Only then, perhaps, we can say that we have a real chance, the prospects if not the final fight corruption, then at least greatly minimize”.

“We have, unfortunately, today a lot of emotions in matters of criticism of state corruption, which not fighting,” he said. “The emotion, the outrage, the cries of “how long” is certainly part of the culture, including ours, but it is imperative that an emotional response does not remain without reaction of the professional, legal response”, – the Minister added. In his opinion, “without professional training in this field talk about the level of corruption is on the level of emotions and not concrete action”.

The head of the Ministry of justice stressed that “some segments of society, including the apparatus of the business Ombudsman should be much more prepared (to fight corruption). “The role of the private sector, the business Ombudsman is to identify specific corruption schemes,” he said, noting that “first and foremost, you need to talk about the identification of sophisticated corruption schemes that may be understandable only to a specialist, deeply immersed in the practice. It’s no secret that professionals are often themselves former raiders and corrupt officials”.

As an example, he cited the situation with the spetssignalov on cars of Russian officials that caused the intolerance in the society. “It had consequences, these signals have been significantly less,” he said.