Nazarbayev: contracts for $5 billion signed between companies of Kazakhstan and the UK

LONDON, November 3. Companies of Kazakhstan and great Britain signed a package of agreements worth $5 billion On Tuesday here said the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the results of the meeting of the Kazakh-British intergovernmental Commission, held in the framework of his official visit to London.

“Our businessmen signed agreements and memorandums for a $5 billion All of these projects aim to develop not only the raw sector of Kazakhstan”, – said the head of the Republic. According to Nazarbayev, British investors intending to invest in agro-industrial field, production of pharmaceuticals, engineering, infrastructure and other sectors. “More than 40 signed projects, but these projects will have to work”, – said the President of Kazakhstan.

Nazarbayev also noted that the UK has already invested in Kazakhstan $12 billion, the country has 500 companies with British capital.

Earlier, speaking at a meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental Commission, the Kazakh leader noted the importance of cooperation between the two countries when creating an international financial centre “Astana”. “I think that the participation of British companies in this project will be very important,” he said. The head of Kazakhstan invited the British companies to the implementation of other joint projects. “We’re not asking London. We only encourage you to come to Kazakhstan and join us to earn money”, – said Nazarbayev.