The acting head of Komi has reshaped the management structure of converted nine ministries

SYKTYVKAR, November 3. /Corr. Natalia Kazakovtseva/. The acting head of Komi Sergey Gaplikov has signed the decree about new structure of public administration, announced in a Republican administration. In the region there are three new ministries, nine other ministries and departments reformatted, 11 bodies are attached to other departments. The changes will come into force on 1 January 2016. The head of the region, in addition, were instructed to reduce the number of civil servants by no less than 10%.

The Agency of Komi on physical culture and sport will be converted to the appropriate Ministry, Committee on security civil defence – in the Committee of civil defense and emergency management Agency property – to the Ministry of property and land relations. The office of the Registrar’s office and the Department for ensuring activity of world judges will be attached to the regional Ministry of justice.

Creates a new service building, housing and technical supervision, which will bring together current service supervisor and Committee of housing and communal services. The Ministry of culture is transformed into the Ministry of culture, tourism and archives with the accession to the Ministry of tourism Agency and the archival Agency. The Ministry of architecture and construction was renamed the Ministry of construction, housing and communal and road economy of the accession and functions of the road Agency.

The Ministry of development, industry and transport become the Ministry of industry, transport and energy. The Ministry of labour and social protection is reorganized into the Ministry of labour, employment and social protection with the accession of the office for employment.

The Ministry of education, in turn, was renamed the Ministry of education and youth policy, which will join the Agency on youth Affairs. To the Ministry of economic development of Komi, which will be just the Ministry of economy will be joined service licensing and investment development Agency. The forest Committee will be attached to the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection, and service of veterinary surveillance to the Ministry of agriculture and food.


The Informatization and communications Committee is reorganized into the Ministry of mass communication, Informatization and communication (with connection to it of the Agency for press and mass communications). In the end, among the government bodies in the Komi Republic will be established in 15 ministries, including three new ones, two services and one Committee GO and CHS.

Sergei gaplikov was appointed acting head of the Republic on September 30. Previously, he was the head of the Corporation “Olympstroy”, and before that was Deputy chief of the government and the Prime Minister of Chuvashia. After the appointment of the acting head of the Komi Somers stated that the governance structure in the Republic needs to be optimized, what you need to eliminate overlapping functions and to integrate the individual agencies.