“The messenger” as part of the refinancing of the debt took out a loan of VTB 3 bln roubles

MOSCOW, November 3. Retailer “Svyaznoy” in the process of refinancing the debt drew a two-year line of credit of VTB Bank in the amount of 3 billion rubles, the company also approved limits for Bank guarantees of 1.5 billion rubles for the purchase of goods. This is stated in the message “Connected”.

The received means “Messenger” has already sent to repay the loan in the amount of 1 billion rubles, the retailer issued the Moscow credit Bank in the middle of summer. Thus, the retailer repaid issued on nine months credit and replaced it with a more favorable credit line from VTB. In addition, 1.5 billion rubles were used to repay debt to the Bank “Globex”.

Rate on the loan, VTB significantly lower than on closed lines, noted in “the Messenger”. This allowed the retailer to reduce the average rate of the credit portfolio. Now over 60% of credit lines “Liaison” is a “long” money, i.e. borrowed funds, issued for a period of 12 months or more. In the beginning of the year, the share is approximately 50%.

“The messenger” in order to improve financial efficiency conducts refinancing of the loan portfolio, while the retailer did not disclose the size of the debt. At the moment, “Coherent” five creditors, the largest of them Sberbank. Also among the creditors – banks of VEB group.

In February 2015 the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that the debt directly to the retailer’s “the Messenger” was about 15 billion rubles (Sberbank loan – 5,6 billion roubles), it was formed when the company “Svyaznoy logistics” (it is built around retail network) acted as the security for the loans taken for the development of a number of projects of the former owner “Coherent” Maxim Nogotkov. In digging this information does not comment.

Retail chain Svyaznoy, from the beginning, owned by Oleg Malis, unites about 3 thousand stores. The retailer’s revenue in 2014 increased by 3% compared to 2013 to 111 billion rubles. the company’s EBITDA in the reporting period remained almost at the level of 2013 and amounted to 4,42 billion rubles. the net profit “the Messenger” does not open. “We forecast that the EBITDA and net profit by the end of 2015 will be higher than in 2014”, – Gavril earlier, the President of the network Michael Touch.