The representative of the shareholder S7: Filev came out of the transaction so as not to lead someone astray

MOSCOW, November 3. Co-owner of S7 airlines Vladislav Filev out of transactions on purchase of actions “Transaero” before the expiration indicated in the contract 60 days, so as not to lead someone astray and to give hope to employees of the company “Transaero”. This was announced by the representative of the shareholder S7.

“Current shareholders “Transaero” there are no unencumbered shares in the amount of 51%. In addition, in respect of these shares there are outstanding judicial claims of third parties, therefore the transaction under the current circumstances. On withdrawal from the agreement was announced, without waiting for 60 days, so as not to lead someone astray and to give hope to employees of airline “Transaero”, – he noted.

According to the source, the message out of the deal was made immediately, once it became clear that the existing shareholder “Transaero” unable to build specified in the transaction shareholding of 51%. He recalled that the only key prerequisite for the transaction, which insisted Filev, was the acquisition of a stake in Transaero least a control.

Co-owner of S7 airlines Filev announced the desire to buy a controlling stake in Transaero airlines from its current shareholders Pleshakova family, promising to save the company and to settle debts to creditors and leasing companies. Filev and Pleshakov has signed a contract for the purchase and sale of actions “Transaero” on October 20. However, a substantial portion of the stock is pledged to the creditor banks, in particular VTB.

Out of the deal

On 2 November representatives Fileva has announced the release of a businessman from the transaction due to the fact that the shareholders are unable to collect the required package of shares without legal encumbrances. The next day, 3 November, shareholders “Transaero” accused Fileva in breach of contract on the deal. According to Alexander Pleshakov in the microblog his wife Olga Pleshakova, signed on 20 October an agreement is valid and the ad Fileva about “withdrawal from the purchase and sale of shares” in the past 60 days (took 12 days) – apparent violations.

Pleshakov argues that, by signing the agreement, was owned 59% of actions “Transaero” and had the opportunity to purchase additional shares in the open market, if required. Until 2 November, the parties implemented the scheme of gradual transfer of shares.

Pleshakov said the rescue plan the company proposed Filev, called for the unification of S7 and “Transaero” for 18 months with a conversion of debt into shares of the new or merged company. He added that he planned to spend the Fileva funds for repayment of debts “Transaero”.

Approval Pleshakova, before the announcement of the exit Filev met with the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.