The ruble strengthened growth, the dollar and the Euro on Tuesday evening

Moscow. November 3. The dollar and the Euro strengthened reduction on Tuesday evening on the Moscow exchange, the ruble meanwhile strengthened after the spread to a rise in world prices of oil.

Support to rouble can render the speech of the head of the CBR Elvira Nabiullina in the state Duma in the presentation of the Main directions of monetary policy.

The U.S. dollar amounted to 62.8 per ruble at 18:44 Moscow time at the auctions of uniform trading session (ETS). It 86,5 kopecks below the closing level of the previous trading session. The Euro at this point was $ 68,725 in the ruble, down by 1.34 ruble. The value of the currency basket ($0.55 and EUR0,45) fell by 1.08 ruble to ruble 65,465.

The dollar and the Euro increased modestly on the Moscow stock exchange in early trading Tuesday, but then the price of oil went up, against this background, the rouble has won back morning losses and further increase increase. The dollar and the Euro reached the highs for the period from October 26, more than a week. In addition, Nabiullina noted that speculation on the foreign exchange market under floating exchange rate has become more risky. “In our opinion, the rate should remain floating,” said she.

In the near future for ruble exchange rate will be set to weekly statistics of the energy information Administration of the U.S. commercial oil reserves, which are expected to show a positive trend for the sixth consecutive week. If the growth of commodity stocks of oil in the US will put pressure on the price, it is likely to affect the course of the Russian currency, indicate economists Sberbank CIB. According to them, at the current prices of oil the natural range for the dollar exchange rate is 63,4-64 rubles.

CBR increased the official rate of the dollar on Wednesday and Thursday of 5.32 cents, to 63,8525 of the ruble and lowered the exchange rate of Euro 1.79 cents, to 70,3782 ruble.

Weighted average dollar exchange rate on the session by calculations “today” has decreased on Tuesday at 38 cents compared to the previous trading day and amounted to $ 63,644 ruble. Weighted average dollar exchange rate on the session by calculations “tomorrow” at 18:40 Moscow time declined to 57.8 penny, to $ 63,465 ruble. Trading volume in dollars on the Moscow stock exchange by this time was $5,38 billion, of which $1.17 billion came from transactions with settlements “today” and $4,21 billion in transactions with calculations “tomorrow”.

The weighted average Euro rate calculations “today” has decreased 48.1 pennies, amounting to 70,06 ruble. The weighted average rate of Euro calculations “tomorrow” declined 75 cents, to 69,875 ruble. Total trading volume on Euro amounted to 565 million euros.