The stock indices of the Russian Federation has finished day growth, the MICEX closed at highest level since March

MOSCOW, November 3. The stock indices of the Russian Federation has finished today’s trading growth. So, the MICEX index (MICEX) on the results of today’s trading on the Moscow stock exchange rose by 1.6% to 1763,6 points – a maximum since March 6, and RTS – on 3,82% to 886,36 item.

Recent dynamics of the MICEX index is impressive, says senior portfolio Manager “MC Kapital” Vadim Bit – Avragim. “The market is now relatively inexpensive, and in the conditions of stabilisation of the rouble and stabilization in oil prices in the region of 47-50 $ /bbl investors, including foreign ones, began to buy the Russian market. Can’t say that this is a mass phenomenon and how long it will continue. But money comes, and the market is moving, by and large, foreign money interested in a relatively inexpensive Russian market in the conditions, when other emerging markets are already quite fairly priced. While the MICEX index is in bullish trend and if the price of oil will be able to support it, then it is possible that the MICEX index will try to approach as close as possible to a mark of 1800 points,” says the Manager.

The increase of the Russian share market on Tuesday supported the oil quotes. The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in December during today’s trading on the ICE exchange in London grew by 2.5% and exceeded $ 50 per barrel.

However, despite some stability in oil prices in recent days remains a possibility of reducing them to around $ 45/bbl, says the analyst of VTB 24 Alexei Mikheyev. “Accordingly, we will see the fall of the ruble. We continue to stick to the script, according to which before the December fed meeting, we will not see a big fall of the dollar against the Euro, but will not see the growth in oil prices,” he said.