“VKontakte” will achieve full cancellation of claims Soyuz and Nikitin

ST PETERSBURG, November 3. /Corr. Roman Podervyansky/. The court of claims “Union” and “Nikitin Media digital Content” has confirmed the status of the social network “Vkontakte” as an honest information broker. This was announced on 3 November the General Director of “Vkontakte” Boris Dobrodeyev. According to him, following the rejection by the court of the intangible claims of the plaintiffs, the company would seek the cancellation of the material in the higher courts.

The actions of two record companies were filed in 2013. Last Monday, the 13th Arbitration appeal court has completed the consideration of appeals “Vkontakte”. As noted in the company, “the court has ascertained the effectiveness of “Vkontakte” with addresses of holders and completely rejected all non-material claims of the plaintiffs relating to the disposal of content. The original material requirements were satisfied only partially, in particular at the suit of the company “Union” they were reduced by the court in 7.5 times. In this case the court confirmed the existence of “Vkontakte” effective technologies for the removal of controversial content.”

“The court’s decision, which once again confirmed the status “Vkontakte” as an honest information broker, we are satisfied, – said the Dobrodeyev. – All of the intangible requirements rejected, which once again proves the justice of the position occupied by us and the effectiveness of the technology of digital fingerprint”. By analogy with the technology, “ContentID” “YouTube” this system creates an “acoustic snapshot” of the audio and eliminates re-loading of the site after removal. Technology is actively used and improved, according to the administration of the social network.

With regard to other claims of the plaintiffs, the company will continue to seek the abolition of the substantive requirements, said the Dobrodeyev. “As we have said many times before, “Vkontakte” remained committed to a constructive dialogue with record companies and the achievement of mutually beneficial agreements. Nevertheless, we will overturn and material requirements in the higher courts”, he said.

At the end of September “Vkontakte” declared victory in which ran from 2014 dispute with Universal Music Russia and Warner Music UK. In the reasoning of decisions, the court found the status of social networks as an honest information broker, who is not engaged in the sale of phonograms and gets no profit, stated there are preventive measures in order to protect the holders of rights, as well as to confirm availability and the actual work of digital print, recalled in the company.

VKontakte is the largest European social network (over 300 million registered accounts). Every day, according to the company, come to the site more than 73 million users.