AFP: Deutsche Bank fined $200 million for violations of sanctions against Iran and Syria

NEW YORK, November 4. The largest financial institution in Germany, Deutsche Bank agreed to pay a fine of $200 million imposed by the financial services regulator in new York (DFS) and the Federal reserve system (FRS) resulting from the violation by the Bank of a U.S. embargo against Iran and Syria. About it to Agency France Press reported a source close to the negotiations.

According to him, the agreement could be announced this week. It is also known that the Bank has reached agreement and other matters relating to the manipulation of currency and money laundering in Russia.

Earlier it was reported that Deutsche Bank fears huge fines in cases of money laundering in Russia and violation of a U.S. embargo against Iran and other countries. The investigation into the Bank was conducted by the authorities of several countries.

Russian authorities have voiced suspicions that Deutsche Bank could assist in the diversion of capital from the country. The investigation began after the violations indicated the Bank of Russia. In August of this year the head of Department on operations with Russian securities Deutsche Bank Timothy Wiswell left his post.

As previously reported, we are talking about buying Russian clients shares in rubles via Deutsche Bank and simultaneous transactions in London, during which the Bank bought the same shares in the same volume of other parties in US dollars. These operations, as investigators believe, may be relevant and could be used by customers to illegal transfer of funds.