Petr Aven: it makes sense to explore alternatives to bankruptcy “Transaero”

WASHINGTON, November 4. /Corr. Andrew Shitov/. Chairman of the Board of Directors of group “alpha Bank” Peter Aven believes that the situation around “Transaero” makes sense to explore alternatives to bankruptcy company. He confirmed this in an interview with correspondent. at a reception held in his honor Tuesday Kannanaskis the political science Institute at the Center. Woodrow Wilson in Washington.

The businessman admitted that did not penetrate deeply into the situation, did not analyze financial performance. “We have very little debt “Transaero”, so I don’t know too much,” said Aven. “But I think at least to consider the alternative of bankruptcy, of course, makes sense”, he added.

“Alfa-Bank” known “market fundamentalism” in a good sense, and his supervisor confirmed that this reputation suits him. However, he did not agree that the possible bankruptcy “Transaero” has expository nature. “I don’t think so, – said the banker. – I think this is a market story.”

To questions about whether to expect new bankruptcies, whether they ought to be more, Aven said, “Often it is necessary. In any situation of crisis, in my opinion, it is necessary to save them to the workers, sometimes it is necessary to save the company, but never got to save the owners. In this sense, bankruptcy is very often the very natural and reasonable outcome”.

To clarify the industry or company for which, in his opinion, appropriate now such a scenario, the interlocutor would not. “I am not going to call,” he said.