Putin: Russia will always defend compatriots abroad, including in Libya and Syria

Putin: Russia will always defend compatriots abroad, including in Libya and Syria

MOSCOW, November 5. Russia will always protect compatriots abroad, including in Yemen, Libya and Syria, said the Russian President Vladimir Putin. “People who for various reasons found themselves outside of Russia, must be firmly convinced that: we will always protect your interests, he said at the world Congress of compatriots. – Especially in complex, crisis situations. For example, such as in Libya, Syria or Yemen”.

Primarily they protect the interests of Russia and the Russian people. Strike at the bandits and their gangs, which pose a threat to our country. Of course, they are risking health and life. In this sense, they are all heroes. But they chose this profession willingly, it’s their choice. I’m proud of them

Vladimir Putin about the Russian military in Syria

The President emphasized that the reliable protection of citizens from any form of discrimination remains the fundamental task of Russia. Putin explained that the aim is to provide such key rights as a study of the native language, preserving cultural and spiritual traditions. According to the President, a great tool in this is the Fund of support of compatriots living abroad. Since 2012, he sold about 300 projects in 42 countries, helping about 40 thousand people.

Putin said that Russia will continue implementing the state program of assistance of voluntary resettlement of compatriots to their homeland, as well as relevant regional programmes. He reminded that according to the state program in Russia moved more than 367 thousand people, including 130 thousand – from Ukraine. The head of state acknowledged that in this work “still many challenges”, but their decision is very important “feedback” and assessment of compatriots themselves. According to Putin, it is planned to extend the capabilities of the various technologies, which facilitate the work with compatriots. These include the creation of a single, accessible information resource, which will provide advice on a wide range of issues.

“We’re staying really close to each other. I’m sure wherever you were, the historical native land will always be for you reliable support,” said the President, addressing the participants of the Congress.

About Crimea and Sevastopol

Support of compatriots abroad helped to unite the Russian society during the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, said the Russian President.

SPECIAL project

New Crimea
What was the Crimea during the year, together with Russia and what has changed in the life of its inhabitants – in a special project

“We feel your solidarity and in the period of the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. This historical event. And strong support of our citizens have firmly expressed their will to be with Russia, support Russia, helped to unite all Russian society and has become an important factor of consolidation of the Russian Diaspora and the Russian world,” he said.

Putin expressed his gratitude to the participants of the Congress “that you keep inner connection with their historical homeland. For what are you proud of Russia, cherish its culture and spiritual traditions, feel empathy towards her fate and her current worries.”

The President also noted the support of compatriots abroad in preparation and carrying out of events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism. He expressed appreciation “to all who were honored living abroad veterans, participated in the action “Immortal regiment”, “Georgievsky ribbon”, who fought against attempts to distort the past, to downplay the crucial role of the peoples of the Soviet Union in the defeat of Nazism”.

About Russian-language press abroad

Russia will continue to support Russian-language press abroad, helping to resist various kinds of propaganda campaigns and clich├ęs about Russia, Putin said.

“We will continue to help Russian-language media, including using the capabilities established in the autumn of last year the Fund’s cooperation with foreign Russian-language media,” said the head of state.

The Congress of compatriots

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In General, Putin expressed support for the aspirations of the Russian Diaspora to the extension of the common information space. The Russian President noted that at present Russian-language media in more than 80 countries. “Maintaining an independent, unbiased position, sometimes expressing different points of view, the vast majority of them strive to give honest objective information – information about modern Russia and its history, its achievements, and its most important foreign policy events. All this, of course, is the strengthening of international prestige and influence of our country, helps to break down stereotypes and prejudices of past years, to oppose various kinds of outreach and cliches the truth about our country”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

The President also announced plans to develop the system of grants to support cultural and educational projects of the Fund “Russian world”, as well as in the framework adopted in 2015, a new Federal programme Russian language, which stands more than 6.5 billion rubles. Another direction is the expansion of the network of Russian scientific and cultural centers abroad, the President said.

Putin also considers vital step in the creation of favourable conditions for studies of young compatriots in Russia’s universities. He recalled that in 2015 the quota for their admission to higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation has reached 15 thousand people. “And, of course, will continue to contribute to the strengthening of the branches of our educational institutions in other countries, primarily, in the CIS”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

About support of compatriots

Comprehensive support of compatriots to the Russian Federation remains a priority, the authorities intend to make this work as less bureaucratic, he said.


“Comprehensive support of compatriots was remains a priority area for joint efforts of state and public organizations. We will do everything to make this work more effective and less bureaucratic so that its proposals could make each of our compatriot, and the reaction to the problems and questions which you have posed, was as quickly as possible,” he said.

He added that such a response should be human. According to Putin, that this approach is guided by the government Commission on the Affairs of compatriots abroad, the Russian foreign Ministry, Rossotrudnichestvo and other agencies.

He said that to strengthen this work and directed the appropriate state program for 2013-2017. The program involves educational trips around Russia for compatriots living abroad, winning contests on the history and culture of Russia. This year this opportunity was used by about 1000 people from 47 countries. More and more regions are implementing projects to strengthen cooperation with compatriots abroad.

On the development of Russian schools abroad

Prepared the concept of development of Russian schools abroad, Putin said.

“At the last forum, much has been said about the need to develop overseas education in the Russian language. And already prepared the concept Russian school abroad. The purpose of these schools is to promote domestic methods of teaching, developing teaching, promote the study of Russian language and subjects that are relevant to our country, the attitude to Russia”, – Putin said.

The President noted that, in particular, we are talking about subjects like history and geography of Russia, as well as culture and art.

“Obviously, we have better use for the organization of courses and workshops for the study of Russian language capabilities of institutions of additional education, including Sunday schools of the Russian Orthodox Church, educational and outreach centers at our other traditional faiths,” Putin said. According to him, Russia is concerned about attempts in some countries to destroy the system of education in the Russian language, and also to limit the work of Russian theatres and libraries.

“We cannot be indifferent to the fact that in several countries, in pursuit of political goals, deliberately destroyed the educational system in the Russian language, under false pretenses to hamper the work of Russian theatres, libraries, cultural centers,” Putin said.

The Congress of compatriots

On Thursday in Moscow has opened the fifth world Congress of compatriots. The forum was attended by 400 delegates from 97 countries.

Within two working days will include plenary sessions and thematic sections, will host a round table on the development of Russian-language media abroad. November 6 will summarize the work of the forum.


Currently Russia has a state program of assistance of voluntary resettlement to Russia compatriots from abroad. In 2014 in Russia returned 106 thousand compatriots. In just three years (since 2012) program returned more than 290 thousand people. Under this programme the government of Russia plans in 2016-2017 regions to allocate 400 million roubles.

Russian Diaspora is one of the largest in the world, it has a population of about 30 million people. Two thirds of them live in neighboring countries, and one third abroad.

First world Congress of compatriots was held in Moscow in October 2001. It was attended by representatives of 46 countries.