Putin signed the law on the protection of the property of the Russian Federation abroad

MOSCOW, November 4. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law, creating conditions for the effective protection of property of the Russian Federation, reported on the official portal of legal information.

The law on the jurisdictional immunity of foreign States in the Russian Federation was passed by the Parliament on 23 October and approved by the Federation Council on October 28. The document defines the boundaries of jurisdictional immunities of foreign States in Russia.

Its provisions allow to raise the protection of property interests of our country and to allow more flexible use of legal mechanisms to attract foreign state to participate in proceedings in a Russian court.

As stated earlier, Deputy justice Minister Dmitry Aristov, the adoption of this law becomes relevant against the background of misconduct, which have recently been taken with regard to Russia and its assets in several foreign countries. “We, applying the concept of absolute immunity of a foreign state and its property are in more disadvantageous position to protect their interests,” he said.

Until that Russian legislation was based on the concept of absolute immunity, which is not the seizure of modestinesalagdo state or compulsory execution issued against him the court decision.

Signed into law first established the limits of the immunity of foreign States and their property in the Russian Federation, shall determine the cases when the state and its property do not enjoy jurisdictional immunity, and also provides for the possibility of consenting to a limitation or waiver of a foreign state, such immunity.

As explained by the Deputy Minister, the document was developed in accordance with modern approaches and judicial practice of foreign countries and its adoption “will enhance the effectiveness of judicial protection of interests of Russia and its property in disputes”.

According to him, the law entitles the Russian court of foreign state immunity in the case that this state will apply to the Russian Federation and its property immunity more limited than those offered by the Russian legislation. In addition, according to the law, the foreign state does not enjoy in the Russian Federation judicial immunity, if it expressed its consent to the exercise by the court of jurisdiction due to specific conditions.