The Cabinet will assess the situation on the labour market and will tighten the control over the insiders

MOSCOW, November 5. /Corr.TASS/. The Russian government intends to double the period of limitation for bringing to responsibility for violation of currency legislation and to toughen the requirements to the professional participants of the securities market. These bills, and another 10 questions will be considered at the meeting on 5 November, said Corr. the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Laws about currency and insider information

Changes to the Code on administrative offences “include an increase in the limitation period of bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of currency legislation of Russia and acts of currency regulation bodies from one to two years.” “The implementation of the bill will enhance the quality and objectivity of the consideration of cases in this category, may prevent the Commission of unlawful activities by unscrupulous persons, who evade administrative responsibility”, – consider in the government.

The Cabinet plans to consider changes to the law “On combating unlawful use of insider information and market manipulation”. Experts note that the amendments “aimed at improving legal regulation in the field of combating market manipulation and illegal insider transactions for ensuring timely monitoring of activities of participants of the Russian financial market”. In particular, introduced additional requirements for professional participants of the securities market and proposed to expand the list of insiders.

Pension and extra-budgetary funds

Another legislative initiative of the Cabinet for the “elimination of inequality of rights of insured persons, forming of funds of pension savings in private pension funds and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation”. The government explained that “the purpose of the bill is harmonisation legislation providing for the procedure of calculation of the pension savings at different stages of the process of their formation, adjustment and reflection of the corresponding amounts of pension savings on individual personal accounts of insured persons, to provide further establishing funded pension”.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to amend the criminal and Criminal procedure codes in connection with improvement of legal regulation of relations connected with the payment of premiums to state extra-budgetary funds. This is done for the “improvement of legislation on criminal liability for crimes related to failure to pay premiums”.

The labour market

The first number in the agenda of the government meeting contains the issue on the situation in the labour market of the Russian Federation.

The Cabinet will discuss the ratification of the Convention on the work on conditions of incomplete working time. The document provides for measures to ensure that workers working part-time, the same rights and guarantees contained in the comparable situation of workers employed full time. “The Convention corresponds to provisions already provided for in the Russian legislative and regulatory legal acts on regulation of relations of the parties of social partnership, and implemented by the subjects of labour relations”, – specify in the government.

The meeting also passed a draft law for the establishment of boards of Trustees in health care organizations and the implementation of citizens volunteering in health care organizations. Thus, it is assumed to make the creation of boards of Trustees required “for medical organizations involved in the implementation of the programme of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical aid and provide medical assistance in stationary conditions”. Socially oriented non-commercial organizations will need to contract with medical organizations to carry out volunteer activities. “The volunteer, the total duration of the volunteer activity in which the medical organization in the course of a year will be not less than 105 hours, the Board of Trustees of the medical institution will be given a recommendation to benefit from a priority right of admission in educational organization under condition of successful passage of introductory tests under equal conditions,” – noted in the government.

The Cabinet plans to submit to the President of the Russian Federation signed in June the Agreement with Kyrgyzstan and about the order of staying of citizens. The document provides for the exemption of their citizens from the obligation of registration with the competent authorities of the state of entry within 30 days.


The government intends to give regions the right to “decide on the proposals for the creation of the inland waterways of regional significance through the inclusion of individual sections of rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs to the List of inland waterways”. “The bill is aimed at the establishment of modern legal and regulatory framework for safety of navigation on inland waterways, improving the efficiency of state regulation in the field of inland waterway transport” – explain in the Cabinet.

Another bill, prepared to discuss, affecting liner shipping. “The bill will allow to create favorable social and economic conditions in the area of liner shipping (shipping schedule), based on the balance of interests of the state, carriers and consumers of their services, to improve the competitiveness of Russian sea ports at the expense of their development as international transport and logistics centres”, – believe in the Cabinet.