The chamber informed about the upcoming failures in agriculture development programme

Moscow. On 5 November. In Russia in 2016 will fail about 20% of the indicators of the state program on development of agriculture. This is the conclusion of the accounts chamber on the results of the analysis of the draft Federal budget for next year taking into account the dynamics of costs and indices of the program for 2015-2016.

As noted in the document, the number of targets for 2016, redundant, individual activities are duplicated in the various subprogrammes. “This demonstrates the need of their optimization”, – the document says.

The chamber recalls that, in 2014, of the 88 indicators of the state program not achieved 29 (33%). In particular, meeting the targets of the subprogrammes for the development of crop and livestock production accounted for 55% and 58.3%, respectively. Implementation of manufacturers of tractors amounted to only 15.6% of the planned target, forage harvesters is 29.5%.

Not achieved target values and indicators such as the area of a bookmark of vineyards. It amounted to 4,096 thousand hectares, which is two times lower than planned. Similar examples, and some other routines.

As noted by the chamber, there is a risk of non-compliance of a number of indicators of the state program in 2015. In particular, as of 1 October 2015 is not fully launched under budget funding for 10 key outputs of the eight subprogrammes in the amount of 10.2 billion rubles.

“There are risks of non-compliance 14 indicators of the state program”, – stated in the document.

For 2015 121 provides an indicator for 2016 – 122. A substantial part of the indicators for next year are increased. So, in the subprogramme on the development of crop production from 20 indicators 16 is increased, one reduced and 3 are maintained at the level of last year. The subprogramme on the development of livestock 13 10 indicators increased, two decreased, and one remained the same as in 2015.

At the same time, it was reported that state support for the activities of the state program for 2016 was left unchanged at 2015 237 billion rubles.