Volkswagen revealed violations affect almost 98 thousand cars with petrol engines

BERLIN, 4 November. /Corr. Vyacheslav Filippov/. Identified by the German Volkswagen group deviations from the environmental standards affect about 98 thousand cars with petrol engines. This was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of transport and digital infrastructure of Germany, Alexander Dobrindt, speaking in the Bundestag.

On Tuesday, Volkswagen announced that in the course of internal audits in 800 thousand cars of the concern, predominantly with diesel engines, there were inconsistencies with regard to carbon dioxide emissions. “In our estimation may be affected about 800 thousand cars of concern. Economic risks, according to preliminary data, amount to approximately €2 billion,” said the giant.

Volkswagen was at the center of a scandal after the discovery on vehicles with diesel engines are software that allows you to bypass strict ecological standards of the USA. Investigation regarding the company started in several countries in Europe and Asia. As noted in the press release of the automaker, the problem of falsifying data environmental tests on the content of harmful substances of exhaust gases of cars affected up to 11 million cars worldwide.