About 60 employees of “Transaero” have gone to work in “Aeroflot”

Moscow. On 5 November. Aeroflot considers more than 700 candidates from among the staff of airline “Transaero”, almost 60 have jobs, said labor Minister Maxim Topilin.

“Currently, the company “Aeroflot” is being considered more than 700 candidates from among the staff of “Transaero”, with 57 already signed employment contracts. In addition, more than 400 employees Transaero recommended for employment in the airline “Russia”, included in the group “Aeroflot”, – said on Thursday the Minister said.

He recalled that since the end of October organized the work of the information-consulting center for released employees of the airline with a view to their early employment.

“During the work of the centre specialists asked 164 employee of the airline, which was carried out for selection of suitable variants. It was suggested that more than 550 jobs, but also provided psychological counselling and professional selection. In addition, the center staff consulted by telephone with more than 2,300 employees “Transaero”, – said the Minister.

Prior to the opening of a similar service was provided to the consultation, paragraph, previously operated at the training center Transaero turned back 198 employees of the airline. They were offered more than 500 jobs.

Labor Minister also said that counselling centres organized by the employment services of the Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk territories, the Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk regions and St. Petersburg.

According to Rostrud, on 2 November 2015 the staff of “Transaero” is 10 584 inhabitants, of whom 961 are on leave for pregnancy and childbirth, and child care.