Action “Transaero” on the Moscow stock exchange jumped 20%

MOSCOW, November 5. Shares of Transaero airlines in early trading on the Moscow exchange jumped by 20.6% to the level of 13.99 ruble per one share.

The situation with Transaero airlines

The airline “Transaero” is on the verge of bankruptcy, shared its debt to creditor banks together with leasing is about 250 billion rubles. The company “Siberia” wanted to buy “Transaero” and settle its debts. However, the representatives of the owner of airline “Siberia” Vladislav Fileva November 2, has announced the release of a businessman from the transaction on acquisition of actions “Transaero” since the shareholders are unable to collect the required package of shares without legal encumbrances. However, a substantial portion of the stock is pledged to the creditor banks, in particular VTB.