BlackBerry released the smartphone on the Android platform

Moscow. On 6 November. BlackBerry released its first smartphone based on the Android operating system, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

This is a new attempt to draw attention to their products after not too popular with consumers launching their own BB10 OS.

The creators promise to buyers of BlackBerry smartphones Priv superior security system compared to other Android devices.

So the smartphone will receive the updates from Google and all data is protected by a proprietary encryption BlackBerry. In addition, the application DTEK will keep track of apps, for example, will notify the owner if one of them without permission to start tracking the user’s location.

As noted by Business Insider, the new model will retain the traditional app BlackBerry, how messenger BBM or the Hub. Importantly, Priv will be the usual “physical keyboard”. Smartphone is a slider, and the qwerty keyboard slides out from under the touch screen.

New BlackBerry, whose sales will start this week, also equipped with 18-megapixel camera and will cost about $700.